What We Do

"Your one call for tenant improvement, building repair, and maintenance."

We chose the name "Fleming Complete" for good reason. We realize that tenants and those who manage commercial facilities don't need just repairs OR maintenance OR interior work OR additions...at different times, they may require ALL these services.

Fleming Complete's one vision, one focus, one concept - whether you require routine maintenance, interior finish, an entirely new addition to your business or all of these services, is to be your "one call" for practical solutions.

We take pride in getting to know our customers and their unique requirements. Contact us for a no-obligation, on-site visit to your location so we can understand what your immediate needs are...and what you anticipate planning for your building in the future. You'll discover that Fleming Complete can be your COMPLETE resource.

Complete Performance

Our versatility and self-performance capabilities serve a wide array of clients from industrial and institutional to office, retail and food service.

In order to meet the demands of an aggressive schedule, while enabling our customer to maintain their current business operations, Fleming Complete employs the most versatile and highly skilled technicians.

Our Project/Sales Managers work closely with Fleming Complete Technicians who are trained to control the quality and safety on all projects, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction on each and every project.

Complete Leadership

Our leadership is committed to creating and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Complete Relationships

Through leadership and commitment, we have developed trust based customer relationships that provide the foundation for Fleming Complete.

As the company continues to expand, the concept will remain the same:

One Company, One Call.

Our Services Include:

Commercial Building -

Additions and Expansions   
Tenant Improvements     

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